Raspberry Pi Bat Project
Funded project by Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) Landesverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V
AK Fledermausschutz Aachen, Düren, Euskirchen (NABU / BUND / LNU)
This is a nonprofit project funded by Naturschutzbund Deutschland Nordrhein-Westfalen (NABU NRW) .

1. Exclusion of liability for internal content
Liability is excluded for damage, which can direct or indirect result using the content of the webpage, the manual or the selfmade Bat Pi.
(Source: Mustervorlage.net; http://www.mustervorlage.net/disclaimer-muster):
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(Source: Mustervorlage.net; http://www.mustervorlage.net/disclaimer-muster):
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