Raspberry Pi Bat Project
Funded project by Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) Landesverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V
AK Fledermausschutz Aachen, Düren, Euskirchen (NABU / BUND / LNU)
Bat Pi Network "Bat Pi Cloud".
The "Bat Pi-Cloud" is performed by a number of Bat Pis 2, each connected with Ethernet cable or WLAN to an accesspoint/ router. A central server  picks up the recordings via the router from each
Bat Pi 2 and preselects/ predetermines the data with suitable
software. The data or results will be returned to the specific Bat Pi 2 user via internetpage, email or sms.

This system could also check  the status control of the Bat Pi 2, sending the number of files, the remaining storage capacity  and the data of the mircofone tests (details see manual).

We recommend to install a central server with a professional analysis-software at a central position, for example at  a head quarter of a nature conservation organization, to offer the nonprofit bat workers the possibility to get their recordings preanalysed by high quality software and to estabish a communication center between bat workers.
Copyright: AK Fledermausschutz Aachen, Düren, Euskirchen (NABU / BUND / LNU) 2016